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A customized SEO strategy and roll out plan will maximize the growth of evergreen content. 

Data Insights and Analysis

Review existing performance, identify problems that need to be fixed, and establish a baseline

  1. Deep dive report and analysis on the current state of SEO. **

    • Provide insights on what’s working and what can be improved based on data analysis.

    • Insights on top-performing keywords and URLs in the last 12 months along with ranking data from Google Search Console.

  2. Select 2-3 competitors. Analyze and rank their performance and identify areas of focus with traffic potential. **

  3. Review of local SEO strategy (if relevant)

  4. Monthly analytics report

On-site: Content Audit

  1. Content audit focusing on high-priority items including:

    • Audit of title tags

    • Meta descriptions

    • Heading structures

    • Taxonomy 

    • Navigation

    • Internal links

    • External links

  2. Topical Analysis: Insights into the historical performance of content and which topics are seen by Google as topics of authority. **

  3. Content Development: Build a hub and spoke strategy to grow content based on what is most successful in the eyes of Google. This includes keyword research and working closely with editors to refine target content. **

  4. SEO content execution in WordPress or CMS **

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please contact us to discuss a custom plan.

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Off-site SEO: Technical Audit

Confirm that Googlebot and other search engine robots can successfully crawl and index pages. This will involve an analysis of re-directs, duplicate content, sitemaps, crawler access, and source code. 

  1. Technical audit focusing on high-priority items: We will rank items from most important to nice to have. This will help with the prioritization of efforts. **

    • Audit of sitemap

    • Crawlability

    • Image ALT text

    • Dynamic content 

    • Site speed

  2. Technical support includes QA testing pre and post launch. **

  3. Technical audit will be conducted every quarter (or more as needed). **

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