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SEO Marketing Plan and How it Works

How SEO Works at Maison Digital

Work with professionals to get SEO results over time.

  • The first step to launching a program is getting access to platforms that help us identify the pages with the most potential
  • We will request access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics
    • Don't have access to one or both platforms? We can help you configure and test set up alongside your developer*
Optimization Process
  • In collaboration with you (the product expert!), we recommend the best pages to optimize for growth potential
  • Are you launching new products or articles? We can also prioritize these pages
  • Maison Digital will optimize content recommended by you or based on performance for:
    • Article title
    • Meta title/description
    • Internal links
    • External links (if relevant)
    • Symantec keywords to include in copy (if relevant)
  • Each month, recommendations will be provided in an easy-to-understand Google Sheet
    • Recommendations will be ready to go into your CMS (e.g. WordPress)
    • We can also help with SEO execution *
  • Included is an SEO Looker Studio dashboard so you can review performance any time
  • We will let you know what has improved and what are opportunities in an easy-to-read report
  • Monthly we will highlight performance and any insights to focus on for the following month
* Additional costs may apply

Connect Your Data Once,
We’ll Take It From There.


Marketing software can be overwhelming. We’ve simplified the space by choosing only integrations that have real campaign value. Easily integrate your analytics and reporting accounts within clicks.

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For enterprises who need a tailored range of services,
please contact us to discuss a custom plan.

Need A Custom Plan?

  • This is a great place to add more information about the product such as sizing, material, care and cleaning instructions. This is also a great space to write what makes this product special.

  • This is the Brand introductory paragraph. Use this space to describe the brand and share what makes it so special.

  • Use this space to share reviews from customers about the products or services on offer.

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