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About Us

Having worked at some of the largest retail, media and financial services brands, we saw gaps in the process and efficiencies that could be delivered from a boutique consultancy. That’s when we decided to launch an agency that could move fast and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of audience development and digital marketing.

Our Partners

Fox Interactive Design

Fox Interactive Design offers you a friendly, personalized, design and development experience you won't get with a big media agency. We are your go-to people—always willing to lend a hand to make your project the best it can be. Our clients come to us because they know we produce top-quality work with a personalized experience that you'll love—and we have the credentials to back it up.

Townhouse Digital

Townhouse Digital is an editorial house for social media. We provide everything from organic social media strategy to paid advertising; 24/7 community management to editorial content from senior-level writers and more. We’ve worked with brands and personalities ranging from startups to global entities in travel (Tripadvisor; Hyatt), fin-tech (Afterpay), fashion, beauty, wellness, entertainment, family, lifestyle, food & beverage and more. 


Founder and Chief Digital Strategist

Suzzy McLean is the Founder and CEO of Maison Digital, a boutique, data-driven digital marketing and audience development agency. Suzzy has dedicated her career working with renowned brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Rodale, Williams-Sonoma, L’Occitane, American Express and more. She has a passion for helping small-to-medium businesses scale and get their voice heard in a crowded digital space.


McLean is a proud graduate of the University of California, Berkeley; a mother of four; and an avid health and wellness advocate who lives out her lifestyle as an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner.  


Paid Media Specialist

Madhura Kulkarni (Maddy) knows paid media. As an IT engineer turned marketer for impressive brands like NBC Sports, BBC - BritBox and Cincoro Tequila, she looks at a campaign from every angle, and seizes all facets of an opportunity.  When she’s not keeping up with the latest marketing trends, Maddy is likely binging on her favorite podcast, traipsing New York City by foot, digging into a science fiction novel and/or sipping a well-aged glass of Malbec. 


Graphic Designer

Ana has 5 years of digital design experience. She helps clients bring concepts to life through creative design for Facebook ads, web design, email creative and more. Ana works with companies large and small through the creative process. Her background is in consumer packaged goods and the travel industry.  


Digital Marketing Assistant

Ashton is a digital marketer specializing in SEO, copywriting and WordPress. With over five years of web design experience, Ashton is prepared to elevate client sites through both solid campaign strategy and aesthetic design.

He is quick to adapt and loves interacting with clients from all walks of life. When he's not behind the computer, Ashton attempts to strum away at guitar classics or can be found enjoying days out on the lake with his family.

He is currently pursuing a degree in marketing and is passionate to continue growth within the industry.


Content and Analytics Manager

Bea has 5 years of experience as a multimedia digital marketer and handles clients' websites and social media pages. She develops creative materials for social media ads to printed materials. Bea has a passion to help SMEs reach their success and visually communicating to their audiences from planning, analyzing, and developing to implementing their objectives. Bea loves to travel and learn new things from different places and cultures.


Paid Media Strategist

Brian is an experienced digital marketer with over 7 years in the industry, focusing primarily on direct-response initiatives via paid social marketing. He has worked agency-side with enterprise-level clients such as the NFL, Twitter, and Francesca's, as well as platform-side at Meta. Brian has taken his industry knowledge to SMBs to help them achieve sustainable scale and growth.


Paid Media Specialist

Caroline has 5 years experience managing paid media across a variety of industries. She is skilled in digital campaign planning and execution, paid search, display, video and paid social media management. In her free time, Caroline can be found cooking up a new recipe, spending time with family and friends or enjoying the outdoors.


Content Manager

I am a content manager passionate about developing content strategies, creating compelling content, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing.

As a content manager, I create performance reports, optimize digital content such as articles and blog posts, and publish them on various platforms, including websites, social media, and other digital channels. When I'm not working, you can find me in my pajamas, watching movies.

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